Planar Daytrippers

Climbing Mount Hyperboreon
the Seekers attempt the seemingly impossible climbing this mythic mountain
Trip to the mount!
The party has dream of a legendary mountain and travel to it in the hopes it will hold their next clue to the artifact.
The Rescue of Enkidu
"Remember: Make a note on the situation."

The Seekers, having arrived at Winterhaven, discover that all is not well with the humble people there in.

A Fool's Grove: Part 2
"Prepare to die; Again and Again!"

The Grove goes underground, and the promise of a terrible, horrible evil, from a time long past when darkness was darker and death was deadlier…await.

A Fool's Grove
Just a simple request...

On the journey to recover their lost companion, The Seekers stumble’s upon an unusual man, with an unusual request.

Kobald Hall
What lurks beneath this ruin?
  • The Dreams of the Party lead them to Fallcrest where they are hired to clear the ruined estate known as Kobald Hall.

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