Tag: Dwarf


  • Miranda

    Miranda is the only barmaid employed at the [[Onyxarms]] inn. She appears to have feelings for [[:gravrin]] which he either doesn't notice, or doesn't acknowledge. She is kind of polite to everyone she meets, and is quick to give even better service to …

  • Derringer

    Derringer is the troupe leader of a Dwarven scouting division. Clad in thick steel plate from head to toe his only other distinguishing features are is dark grey beard, and his stony eyes. He appears to enjoy the company of his fighting fellows and even …

  • Xavros Forgehammer

    Head of the Forgehammer family is habours a grudge against the Stonesafe for claiming the top seat of power in [[Hammerfast]]. [[:thamoir-elodar-alondrin]] brought the young boy [[:broaeken]] to him to train him. Xavros accepted him. It does not seem like …

  • Gruff

    This Gritty and determined Dwarf was one of the first to join [[:gravrin]]'s new house Heroesblood. He is stationed as a guard at Kobold hall. He came from the poverty stricken slums of [[Hammerfast]] with his brother [[:scruff-1]].

  • Scruff

    This downtrodden and stoic Dwarf was on of the first to join the Heroesblood house with his brother[[:gruff-1]]. He is stationed as a guard at Kobold Hall. He came from the slums in [[Hammerfast]].