A comely Dwarven Barmaid


Miranda is the only barmaid employed at the Onyxarms inn. She appears to have feelings for Gravrin Stonesafe which he either doesn’t notice, or doesn’t acknowledge. She is kind of polite to everyone she meets, and is quick to give even better service to those who tip her well, or donate generously to the inn. She is outgoing and pleasant, is easily embarrassed when taking about her personal life and her feelings for Gravrin in particular. Not much is known about her family, other than they were a family of artisans of some type, Miranda is an orphan Jacob took in. She treats Jacob as her father giving him his due in obedience. Gravrin once helped her in the past. It is unknown what he did for her. Her family name is unknown. Thamoir Elodar Alondrin has embarrassed her by approaching the subject of Gravrin. She fears Gravrin is out of her reach due to his status as a noble.

After some time apart from the party Miranda had agreed to join Gravrin’s new dwarven house Hereosblood and has taken up residency as the cook of Kobold Hall. She was joined by the poverty stricken brothers Gruff and Scruff.


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